About me


My name is Dr Andrew Thomas Croft. croftandrew is my personal blog. It is where I post some of my work, and a few of my news and views.

Who am I?WP_20141029_13_50_26_Pro.

I am a media professional and academic. I specialise in analytical research, material creation and packaging, client engagement and media management. I serves clients across three broad channels:

  • Media content
  • Media distribution
  • Media relations

I am passionate about media in all forms. He loves working within entrepreneurial environments, to express creative and strategic thinking.

Well-respected and successful, I provide strategic advice to brands across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, to drive forward innovation and broaden expertise in media content creation, provision and marketing.

Organised, attentive and experienced, I understand the pace, the need for analysis, for monitoring and for consummate project management, which characterise the contemporary media corporate machine.

I can be contacted at:

Phone: +44 7794041281

E-mail: croftandrew@outlook.com

Twitter: @croftandrew


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