An advanced audio recorder from Olympus

With the introduction of VP-10, Olympus has created a completely new product category – a voice recorder designed in a discrete slim format of a pen.The VP-10 has a lean pen-like design and is equipped with high sensitivity stereo microphones for crystal clear 360° recordings. The Olympus VP-10 digital recorder is the first of its kind to offer Anti-Rustle technology in a compact, slim body, making it the ideal device for premium recording even when in the user’s pocket.

Forget about being weighed down by a recorder, at only 1.3 oz. in weight, the Olympus VP-10 allows for light-weight, hands-free recording. Paired with three settings of Anti-Rustle technology (HIGH, LOW, OFF), the VP-10 is the perfect recorder for setting and forgetting in the user’s pocket, coat or bag. This latest innovation in audio recording prevents common device rubbing and brushing from getting in the way of capturing the highest-quality sound.

Packed with 4GB of internal memory, the Olympus VP-10 allows for 1,620 hours of recordings before having to download files to your computer. Once the user has finished recording and ready to share, simply use the VP-10’s Direct USB Connection to download audio files.

To further ensure you never miss a recording opportunity, the VP-10 offers one-touch recording; by simply sliding down the REC switch, the recorder instantly starts recording even when the power is off. The slide switch is located on the top of the recorder, which is ideal for operating inside a shirt pocket or without having to look up from what you are doing.


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