Five easy steps for enhancing search

Search engines have reached unprecedented levels of advancement.

And the Internet continues to be a primary source of information, increasing visibility online remains an important objective. Search engine results (both paid and organic) are highly personalised to show results tailored to a user’s specific location, making it highly valuable for local businesses to provide accurate and easily accessible information to consumers. SEMPO offers five tips to improving your local search marketing efforts.

1. Segment your paid search campaigns
Many businesses operate at a local level as well as a regional, national, or even an international level. If your business or client has an interest in attracting customers locally and on a larger scale, it is a good idea to keep paid search campaigns separate.

2. Make keywords work for you
Make keywords work for you by aligning general keyword research that may already be completed to local marketing efforts. Make sure the keywords used on the main website are included on review pages, local listing profiles, and any other third-party site on which your business or client has a presence. This will reinforce SEO efforts and keep messaging about the business consistent across the Web.

3. Owned properties
It’s important to take every opportunity possible to inform search engines where a local business is located and what areas it serves. If the website doesn’t have one already, create a footer that includes the business’ name, address, and coverage areas at the bottom of every webpage. This signals search engines that the site should be served as a result to users searching for or within those specific areas. Use “schema markup” to ensure that it’s recognised properly by engines.

4. Local listings and third party sites
Local businesses are often featured, with or without the business’s consent, on local listing pages or third-party sites such as Yelp or Google Reviews. The URL on such pages should point back to a contact or other page specific to the location being reviewed to reinforce relevancy. For businesses with multiple locations, this can help mitigate potential confusion and guard against one location suffering because of another location’s poor reviews..

5. Reviews
According to Google, customers and businesses both benefit when a business is reviewed. Reviews are often the first sources consumers come across when searching for information about a local business, especially service-based industries. Encourage customers to leave reviews for your business so that when prospects are looking for information, it is presented in a positive light.


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