Dam liner protects water resources

Water is the lifeblood of South Africa, yet with decreasing quality and wastage, it has become increasingly scarce.

In order to combat this worrying trend, anHDPE dam liner is available to act as an effective barrier against water loss caused by seepage and pollution of ground water in farming, municipal and industrial applications.

The resilient and cost-effective product, branded as ‘Dam Liner’, is available through industrial packaging and construction sheeting expert Damax Kahn & Kahn Plastics. Managing director David Tromp has pointed out that the liner affects a 100 per cent seal. “It boasts high tensile strength and is stress, crack, puncture, tear, chemical, and ultraviolet resistant,” he explained.

According to Tromp, these qualities also contribute to the product’s durability and cost-effectiveness. He said, “Dam Liner boasts a long service life, is fully-recyclable and, unlike similar products on the market, does not require yearly maintenance. As a result, the product has been used extensively by a large number of local municipalities for their sewerage works projects.”

What’s more, a major petroleum company recently adopted Dam Liner for use in its clean-up and filtration dam, while an agricultural project adopted the product to create storage dams for cattle feed lots. Dam Liner is available in a standard 3,4 m width and, depending on the thickness of the liner, is supplied in lengths varying from 80m to 150m per roll.

Tromp adds that Dam Liner is installed using specialised machinery by trained staff. “Using a combination of a wedge welder and an extrusion welder, the fusion of the plastic sheeting is completed swiftly and cost-effectively.

“Another benefit of Dam Liner is that it is the only product of its kind that is manufactured in South Africa. We are a proudly South African company that uses locally manufactured products, as opposed to our competitors who use imported products,” he said.


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