ISO certification marks quality design and production

Considered the blue ribbon of design and manufacturing certification, ISO 9001:2008 is the ultimate stamp of approval for any manufacturer.

Engineering and manufacturing company Andrew Mentis first achieved its ISO 9001 accreditation in October 1993 and has successfully maintained this status. According to Elaine van Rooyen, marketing manager of Andrew Mentis, “Our entire operation revolves around ensuring that each product that leaves our facilities adheres to the most stringent quality design and manufacturing standards laid down by ISO 9001:2008.”

Not only does the company have the desired accreditation for manufacturing, but it was also awarded accreditation for product design. Van Rooyen pointed out that safety in the workplace is considered a top priority for all South African companies.

“Legislation promotes an environment of high level health and safety for all employees. Non-compliance results in a substantial fine at best and serious accidents or fatalities at worst. Either scenario has a negative impact on an organisation’s corporate image as well as its bottom line,” she said. “While it is true that some industries have more stringent occupational health and safety (OHS) procedures and regulations than others, no company can afford to cut corners with the products they use within their facilities.”ISO CERTIFICATION PIC 02

There is no substitute for quality. Companies that survive and flourish have invested capital and effort into building a portfolio of products that are characterised by attention to detail in design and quality manufacturing.

Andrew Mentis has used its years of experience in the tough mining and petrochemical industries to design, develop and manufacture products that are in full compliance with ISO 9001:2008. The company has an extensive product range and the design, development and manufacture of all Rectagrid, Gripweld and grating planks, refractory reinforcement, industrial railing, guardrails, punched sections, steel floor tiles, automatic boring and drilling machines, slitting knives and spacers is included in the ISO 9001:2008 quality management systems certification.

“Our engineers are constantly researching the market and developing solutions that match the demands of industry. Customer feedback is very important to Andrew Mentis and provides us with a solid foundation on which to base new developments. Product development is approached on the basis of improving production efficiencies and innovating plant and equipment. By keeping track of global industry trends and marrying this with our very demanding and harsh local environment, we are able to design and manufacture products that are characterised by robustness and longevity,” van Rooyen said.

Design forms an integral part of the product life cycle and each product is carefully analysed, tested in-house and submitted to field tests to determine where improvements can be made.

“Ultimately, the success of our products is based on a number of non-exclusive elements. These are the integrity of the design, the skill and knowledge of the design and development team, the quality of the materials of construction, the manufacturing equipment and team, as well as the active participation of customers. By aligning all these elements, Andrew Mentis products have become an integral part of the major industrial sectors including power generation, mining, petrochemical, motor, construction, food, paper and steel,” van Rooyen observed.


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