The Mahler gas engine oil range offered by Q8Oils

Kuwait Petroleum International Lubricants (Q8Oils) offers a new range of high performance lubricants for stationary engines running on all types of gas.

The Q8 Mahler range is perfect for numerous applications offering oxidation control, improved TBN retention, deposit control and operational efficiency. The formulation technology of Q8 Mahler MA and Q8 Mahler HA has been successfully proven across a variety of engines for the past 20 years, and the new Mahler G range has been developed to meet the needs of the increasing number of high efficiency engines requiring low ash oils.
Benefits of using the Q8 Mahler range include improved oxidation control, resulting in extended oil life and a reduction in liner and piston lacquering and piston deposits, the TBN retention curve of Q8 Mahler is unique meaning the product has a longer service life, and the latest generation Mahler G oils include new additive technology which generates considerably less ash and therefore reduces deposits.
Q8Oils’ customers can be assured the Q8 Mahler range can help to reduce operating costs by reducing oil consumption and extending drain intervals, while also being a reliable, stable range of high performance oils in a sector where varying fuel quality can quickly impact the oil. For companies working with natural, bio, landfill, sewage and other gases the benefits of Mahler are significant in ensuring engine protection, reliable running and reducing operating costs.
In addition to the product, Q8Oils offers high quality customer support, delivery ex works Leeds to unmanned sites throughout the UK and technical backup, with an analysis service offering customers the opportunity to regularly analyse their oil to determine any changes and prevent engine damage. The Kuwait Routine Analysis Service provides fast and reliable results via e-mail or internet access, with a report including a conclusion and recommendation of action required.


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