UBA positions for pan-African banking leadership

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UBA Positions for Pan African Banking Leadership Announces Project Alpha qnd Further Senior Executive Appointments

LAGOS, Nigeria September 2, 2013/African Press Organization (APO)/ United Bank for Africa Plc (UBA), (http://ubagroup.com/) the Pan-African bank with operations in 19 African countries and New York, London and Paris, announces the launch of Project Alpha – the Group’s next stage focus of strategic transformation.

Logo: http://www.photos.apo-opa.com/plog-content/images/apo/logos/uba_logo.jpg

UBA has for [8] years executed a dedicated strategy of local, regional and global expansion, whose implementation has seen the Group transform from a national player to an institution of international prominence. Project Alpha is a 3 year route map of key transformation initiatives, designed to consolidate the Group’s strategic positioning and fully capture the opportunities from Africa’s economic renaissance and the Group’s unique platform.

Project Alpha is focused on leveraging all aspects of the Group’s footprint, product offerings and operational capability, allowing a commitment…

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