Intranets; inside-out

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NOTE: this is about companies making parts of their intranet public; a braver move than creating employee extranets.

When I first started working in digital not everyone in the company had access to the internet, there were still concerns about time-wasting and risk (in fact exactly the same concerns now hover around access to social media sites). The result was that information on the company’s site was separately published on the intranet.

Companies handle a range of information, which can be roughly classified as;

  • public = for anyone to see, can be published or shared anywhere
  • internal use = for employees only
  • confidential = restricted to a small group of employees, often this information relates to customers

The first will be published on websites, and the first two on the intranet, the third would only be published in secure internal environment, if at all.

But these lines are becoming blurred…

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