Lure of data on mobile devices trumps security concerns

Executives are uneasy about the security of corporate information they access on the go, but the business benefits of accessing key data via mobile devices means they do so regardless.

According to Secure Data Access in a Mobile Universe, an Economist Intelligence Unit report, sponsored by Cisco, respondents said the C-suite needs secure and timely access to financial (60 per cent) and strategic planning data (42 per cent) to be most productive, but they question whether it is appropriate to make these data accessible on mobile devices. The main challenge, unsurprisingly, is concern about security and other potential risks. Nevertheless, only 11 per cent of respondents to our survey say their organisation does not provide access to critical data outside the office.
Interestingly, larger companies are both most willing to allow mobile access to critical data and most likely to impose stricter rules on how that access occurs. More than 90 per cent of companies with revenue over US$1bn allow their employees to access data via either personal or company-owned devices. However, more than half of organisations with over US$5bn in revenue allow access only on company devices. By contrast, only 37 per cent of companies with revenue under US$500mn insist on company-owned devices.


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