Tod Sizer, Bell Labs, speaks on lightRadio

Tod Sizer invented the Cube. What is the Cube?

When we look at the Cube, we look beyond LTE, we look at the evolution of wireless broadband with lightRadio, Alcatel-Lucent’s network architecture solution. We look at 5G technologies, at cloud-based services, at evolution through optical transport and IP transport. The Cube is a real product, now delivering on the promises of research, supporting and enabling new modes of backhaul. The Cube is now a multiple of Cubes, supporting dual band, high power, cabled, and shared scenarios.

The future of connectivity bases itself around four key dimensions: devices, apps and clients, clouds, and radios and antennas. The devices need not be powerful, because the power is in the cloud. In this proposed future, the network is crucial, and must be developed to achieve truly optimised quality of service. The way of the future is dynamic optimisation.ext_cube_250x167px_2


Addressing growth and capacity

Forecasts suggest that there will be 10bn mobile internet devices in use by 2020, up from around 2bn today. This may be addressed by adding spectrum, new technologies, and macro cell densification. The latter option offers the greatest growth prospect, with small cell technology offering up to 100x more capacity in practical examples. base stations to come will be the size of a shoe box, or even smaller. There is an implication, too, in terms of backhaul, which will require a diverse portfolio of solutions to support efficiencies across heterogeneous networks.

The portfolio of Cubes offered by Alcatel-Lucent, developed by Tod Sizer at Bell Labs, offer a wireless revolution, the prospect of self-optimisation through distributed processes, the intelligent management of interference, the aggregation of spectrum beyond LTE-Advanced, and the evolution of green operations through the integration of new forms of deployment, network management, and components. Here Tod referred to the on-going Green Touch initiative, developed by Bell Labs, fostered by Alcatel-Lucent, engaged by global mobile industry stakeholders.


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