Olympus introduces industrial videoscope

Olympus Corporation is offering the IPLEX UltraLite Industrial Videoscope.

The lightest and most compact model in the IPLEX series, the UltraLite allows observation of hidden locations inside engines, factory facilities and plumbing in buildings, without the need for dismantling.The IPLEX UltraLite Industrial Videoscope

The IPLEX series of industrial videoscopes have earned a reputation for excellent portability, superb image quality and a range of functions to support precise inspections.

While providing similar capabilities to the advanced model, IPLEX LT, the new IPLEX UltraLite features a compact design with an integrated LCD monitor and controller that can easily be operated with one hand. The UltraLite is extremely compact. "IV8420U" whose diameter is φ4.0mm and effective length is 2.0m weighs only 700g including the battery. Yet it also combines ease of operation with sophisticated functions and is protected against dust, moisture and impacts for superior durability in harsh environments.

Industrial videoscopes are typically used for internal inspections of engines in vehicles and airplanes, turbines in power plants and wind tower gear boxes, and pipes or tubes in buildings and manufacturing facilities. They are also used to inspect wind turbine gearboxes, which are playing an increasingly important role in eco-friendly power generation. In addition to excellent image quality and sophisticated functions, scopes used in these situations frequently require portability to allow inspections in confined or elevated sites, and durability to withstand harsh environmental conditions, including exposure to rain, dust and machine oil.

To meet these field inspection needs, Olympus has given the IPLEX UltraLite a compact, lightweight design by integrating the LCD monitor into the controller. The IPLEX UltraLite also provides the same durability and image quality as advanced models.


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