Research on LTE

LTE is gaining strong momentum and is expected to reach 592mn subscriptions, equivalent to 7.3 per cent of all cellular subscriptions, by 2016. To date, 35 mobile operators have launched commercial LTE networks, a range of 197 devices have become available and the technology is maturing since the first network became live in late 2009, according to a new report from Pyramid Research (
‘LTE Devices and Applications: Next-generation mobile networks driven by video services’ provides an overview and background of the LTE market, operator approaches and the LTE value chain. The report then details LTE devices, including PC add-ons, hotspots, smartphones and tablets. Next, Pyramid Research examines LTE applications. Finally, the report concludes by looking at a number of mobile operator case studies around the world.
“LTE is the technology of choice for most mobile operators, and with strong momentum, we expect it to be the long-term, next-generation network technology of choice,” says Jan ten Sythoff, Pyramid Research Analyst at Large. LTE has already overtaken WiMax subscriptions in 2011, and the range of LTE devices has increased elevenfold in the past year.


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