Huawei showcases advanced enterprise communication at ITU World

William Xu, president of the Huawei Enterprise Business Group, announced at ITU Telecom World the introduction of Huawei Telepresence 2.0, its most advanced video communication system to date. Huawei Telepresence 2.0 enables improved engagement within businesses and with customers, improving operations and service in finance, retail and manufacturing and other industries. This can give them competitive edge by having streamlined back office processes that give faster or more accurate replies to customers. He was supported by Dominique Vanhamme, VP West European channel at Enterprise Business Group, who provided context in the form of an overview of HEB’s structure and operations across the world, and the demand for Telepresence and the development of Telepresence to meet this demand.

Huawei’s view of technology trends is one of the convergence of standards and technologies to for a single digital ecosystem, which is increasingly smarter, with growing use of video applications, and an increasingly greener profile for all communications technology deployments and utilisation.

This vision is served not just by the Enterprise Business Group,but also by the Carrier Network Business Group, the Device Business Group, and associated and/or supporting business operations. the markets served are increasingly defined by cloud-based businesses and by the emergence of unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) tools and systems. Its market approach is defined by customer centricity,focused then on disruptive technologies, on enterprise-friendly business models, on a comprehensive [portfolio, and on a global footprint. This customer centricity is supported by research and development conducted around the world, wit an emphasis on localisation and partnership in all operations.

“In order to meet the demands of demanding customers, we have extensive partnership capabilities…to bring technologies to the enterprise market,” said Mr Vanhamme.

Huawei has been in videocommuncation development since 1993, and has sought throughout this time to address the customer base first and foremost. The firm presently holds 250 video related patents. There are four TP products, supported by two TP servers, in Huawei’s portfolio. TP3106 was demonstrated at ITU Telecom World 2011 – a 1080p 50/60 full HD offering, with triple-rack spatial sound, an Android-based touch control panel, standards-based interoperability, and low-bandwidth consumption (at 2m for 1080p, and 1m for 720p). Moreover, security is a prime consideration, with adherence to H.235, and encrypted media streaming and signalling flows. With testing in partnership with Orange Business Services, for all regions including the Middle East and North Africa, the benefits will include improved meeting efficiency and improved revenue streams.


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