The Qualcomm chipset roadmap

Cristiano Amon, SVP product management QCT, at Qualcomm, spoke at IQ 2011 of the Qualcomm chipset roadmap. Focus on industry convergence of cell phones and computing – of mobile devices as general computing platforms, of personal computers as mobile devices. And focus on the Cloud, enabling and supporting mobility and connectivity. Everything now requires a different architecture. The genesis of the Snapdragon platform has been driven by tis need for new forms of architecture, integrating hardware and software, drivers, low-level software and high-level operating systems.

Integration enables leadership

Amon spoke, also, of the balance of performance over price underpinning the next generation of market leadership, with respect to communications technologies architectures. He posits Snapdragon as ideally placed for this new market for portable device manufacture.

A key challenge lies in the design of integrated modems; a platform for multiple radios, to address as many user markets as possible. There are complex connectivity requirements to be met. Snapdragon facilitates such provision, with multi-tier product segmentation enabled amongst OEMs – with compromises on performance. Look out for the S4 series Snapdragon – with varying price points for various devices.


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