Dr Paul Jacobs @ IQ in Istanbul; the now and the future of mobile computing

Dr Paul Jacobs, chair and CEO Qualcomm, speaks on mobile as the largest technology platform in the history of mankind. “The interesting thing is it is not just a developed market phenomenon.”

Mobile is changing the world. Jacobs talks of fundamental changes around the world. He then refers to Wireless Reach, and to support for entrepreneurs in Tanzania.

“Mobile really is a force for good,” Jacobs says.

Mobile connectivity

“Mobile is now the dominant computing platform,” Jacobs says. “And it is not just computing but entertainment as well.”

Now, we can compute as we move around. The mobile is everywhere, enhancing the experience of the Internet, enabling interaction almost everywhere. And in many emerging markets, the mobile is and will be the only computing experience. So, the need for connection is a key issue. And so is the need for full Web experience. Qualcomm is known for connectivity, above all – and continues to support mobile connectivity through support for transition from video-centric communications to data traffic management.

Jacobs speaks, then of LTE, LTE Advanced, HSPA+, and 3G as the baseline for progression to such deployments. He refers to a future of heterogeneous networks, which organises themselves. He talks of the need to refarm spectrum from relatively inefficient 2G to relatively efficient 3G.

With respect to mobile connectivity, a multimode approach is critical.

Turn to the device

Jacobs speaks then of the device experience. There is an expectation of outstanding experience amongst users. Most growth, in smartphones, will come from the sub-$300 segment, which presents challenges and opportunities with respect to providing a great customer experience. So, Qualcomm is improving its Snapdragon processor to enable improved, more integrated, mobile systems – to improve real-life experiences. Key to this is enhanced support for applications, as well as optimised Web provision.

Then Jacobs says, “You have heard people talk about an Internet of things. We believe in an Internet of everything.”

He talks of connected devices throughout the planet, in the home, at work, inside and outside. The focus of networking technology development is now to be handled by Qualcomm Atheros – which dedicates itself to networking, computing, and consumer devices, with enhanced connectivity as the core driver.


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