The ten technology trends presented by Dave Evans, Cisco’s chief futurist

Ten technology trends may shape the world over the next ten years. 1. The Internet of things; the point in time when more things are connected than people.

2. The Zettaflood is coming; huge demands on the network will mean a need for optimised architectures for security, quality of service, and efficiency.

3. Wisdom of the Cloud; by 2020, a third of all data will be in or pass through the cloud; global cloud services revenue will jump 20 per cent annually, reaching $1 trillion by 2014.

4. The next Net; networks of the future we will be orders of magnitude faster than those of today, and will need to scale to meet ever-increasing demands.

5. The World is flat…and so is technology; the capture, dissemination and consumption of live events in real-time means everyone becomes a reporter; this is enabled by advances in wireless broadband, anywhere anytime production, and Internet TV.

6. The power of power; solar farm construction alone can meet energy needs.

7. It’s all about you; augmented reality and gesture-based computing will transform education, medicine, and communication as real and virtual worlds merge.

8. The next dimension; things ranging from toys to cars to living structures are being "printed", by a process known as additive manufacturing.

9. Another family tree; robots are becoming physically and mentally superior to humans, and there will be more of them than there are humans by 2025.

10. You…only better; we are gaining control of atoms, and so of human evolution.


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