Technology trends that will change the world

A key message expressed at Cisco Live 2011 is that the network is the underlying enabler for many of the world’s industries and communities. Dave Evans, who looks at a broad range of domains at Cisco, expresses a long-term view – of a trend towards, if not actually necessarily reaching, singularity – the notion of a tipping point at which we become optimal human beings.

"In the coming years, we will think nothing of printing replacement organs."

At an executive Q&A hosted by Dave Evans, Cisco’s chief futurist, a view is proffered of a move towards technology transparency. There may be an advantage in higher level processing in the cloud. This processing capability underpins ten technology trends that will change the world in ten years.

Internet Business Solutions supports ten industry verticals, advising customers on theorising and building solutions. And what about the price of the future? It is falling, such that access to advanced technology is a possibility for greater numbers. For example, a person could buy a 3D printer for a few grand, and print food. Dave Evans refers to Moore’s Law to support this view.


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