Enabling real-time services for next generation mobile life

As the telecoms market is facing huge challenges, such as the rise of flat rate data usage, innovation will need to drive revenue generation. Mobile operators are facing a growing demand for next generation services on the one hand and rising costs for network infrastructure and equipment on the other. The only possible way the mobile industry can properly deal with these challenges is to implement real-time solutions for new revenue channels leading to long-term growth.
Increased smartphone usage and the impact on mobile networks, as well as the potential competition for existing revenue streams from over-the-top services are dominating operators’ concerns. Therefore lots of them have started moving away from the flat-rate pricing approach and continue introducing consumption-based tiered pricing.
For long term success, mobile operators must take advantage of their distinguished customer access and knowledge, meaning to offer an inexpensive but extensive distribution network, additional services and outstanding customer experience. In addition, mobile operators realise that there may be more growth potential in enterprise markets than in the consumer sector. Nevertheless, first of all they need to decide about their positioning in these new and complex value chains. Managing all this, operators will achieve profitable revenues in their home markets and also move into new ones which eventually are the sovereign goal.


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